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Scooter Price in Nepal for All Models (2024 May UPDATED)

Scooter price in Nepal overview page contains the latest cost of all scooters from various manufacturers. Currently, there are several scooters ranging from low-cost to high-end models that are available in the Nepalese market. 

And if you are in a hurry or searching for your favourite brand scooty pricing, we offer an accurate and updated Scooter price in Nepal 2024, all on one page.


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Find the latest AIMA electric scooter price in Nepal below:

AIMA Mine Plus Rs. 2,74,000
AIMA Tiger S5 Rs. 1,84,000
AIMA Tiger Saber X6 (X611)Rs. 4,80,000
AIMA Tiger Saber X6 (X612)Rs. 5,85,000

Aprilia is an Italian motorcycle brand established after World War. The company currently manufactures and offer small-capacity motorcycles to sportbikes over the world. However, it only sells scooters in the Nepalese market. MV Dugar Group is an official importer and distributor of Aprilia products. Below is the updated and latest Aprilia price in Nepal.

Aprilia SR 125 Rs. 2,88,900
Aprilia SR 150 Rs. 3,39,900
Aprilia SR 150 (Race)Rs. 3,62,900
Aprilia Storm 125 Rs. 2,78,900
Aprilia SXR 160 Rs. 4,65,400

Benelli is a well-known motorcycle manufacturer that has been in business since 1911. It has been in the two-wheeler market for over 100 years with its superior technology, powerful models, and sporty styling. However, Benelli has been a member of the Qjian Jiang (QJ) group, China's biggest capacity motorcycle manufacturer, since 2005. Their bikes are popular and also have been available in the Nepalese market for many years now. KTM International Trading Pvt. Ltd is an authorised distributor, and here is the latest Benelli price in Nepal.

Benelli Panarea 125 Rs. 2,99,900

Find the latest Doohan scooter price in Nepal below:

Doohan E-Swan Rs. 2,31,900
Doohan Idou Rs. 1,59,900
Doohan iTango Rs. 2,89,900
Doohan iTank (Double Battery)Rs. 4,99,900
Doohan iTank (Single Battery)Rs. 3,59,900
Doohan Uranus Rs. 3,21,900

Hero MotoCorp Limited, formerly known as Hero Honda, is an Indian motorcycle and scooter manufacturer. When Honda chose to discontinue their joint venture with Hero in 2010, they bought the remaining shares from Honda and renamed themselves, Hero. As a result, it was also released in the Nepalese market in 2012. Nepal General Marketing Private Limited (NGM) is an official distributor of Hero MotoCorp and they also provide after-sales support for spare parts and services. Below is the latest Hero price in Nepal.

Hero Destini 125 Rs. 2,28,500
Hero Duet Rs. 1,93,500
Hero Maestro Edge Rs. 2,25,500
Hero Maestro Edge 125 Rs. 2,68,000
Hero Pleasure Rs. 1,78,500
Hero Pleasure Plus (Platinum)Rs. 2,15,500
Hero Pleasure Plus Rs. 2,05,500
Hero Xoom (Drum)Rs. 2,49,900
Hero Xoom (Disc)Rs. 2,59,900

Since 1959, Honda has been the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer. Their bikes are innovative, durable, powerful, and comfortable. Honda is one of the most well-known and renowned brands in the global two-wheeler market. In Nepal, Syakar Trading is the authorized dealer of Honda motorbikes. Furthermore, they import around 60,000 high-quality motorcycles each year and sell them in over 70 showrooms across the country. The most recent Honda price in Nepal is listed below.

Honda Activa 125 (DLX)Rs. 2,53,900
Honda Activa 125 Rs. 2,43,900
Honda Aviator Rs. 2,35,900
Honda Dio (STD)Rs. 2,21,900
Honda Dio (DLX)Rs. 2,31,900
Honda Dio 125 (Deluxe)Rs. 3,09,900
Honda Dio 125 Rs. 2,99,900
Honda Grazia (BS6-Disc)Rs. 2,99,900
Honda Grazia (BS6-Drum)Rs. 2,79,900
Honda Grazia (BS4-Drum)Rs. 2,38,900
Honda Grazia (BS4-Disc)Rs. 2,59,900
Honda Navi Rs. 1,60,900

Find the latest Horwin price in Nepal below

Horwin EK1 Rs. 3,75,000
Horwin SK3 Rs. 4,75,000

ItalicaMoto (previously Italijet), is an Italian brand founded in 1959 that has a strong following in the Nepalese market. Their motorbikes and scooters are very popular among the younger generation. ItalicaMoto has created a wide selection of powerful motorcycles and scooters since its start. Classic Wheels Export and Import is an official distributor and they currently offer a wide selection of models ranging from café racing to power cruisers to power-packed scooters. The following is the most recent ItalicaMoto price in Nepal.

ItalicaMoto Formula 150 Rs. 3,35,000

Find the latest Komaki price in Nepal below.

Komaki SE Rs. 3,49,000
Komaki Venice Eco Rs. 2,59,000

Luyuan is an e-bike manufacturer based in China, founded in 1996. It produces various EVs including bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, sightseeing-car, etc and sells around the world. However, the company only offer electric scooter in the Nepalese market. Zero Emission Ride is the authorised distributor of Luyuan and below is the latest Luyuan electric scooter price in Nepal.

Luyuan MNK3 Rs. 1,73,700

LVNENG is a Chinese electric two-wheeler brand, founded in 1999. Their products are widely sold in Southeast Asia, European and American market. As for the Nepalese market, EV Nepal Motors Pvt. Ltd. is the sole importer and distributor of LVNENG. Check the latest LVNENG electric scooter price in Nepal below table.

Lvneng D06 Rs. 2,35,000
Lvneng M20 Rs. 1,85,000
Lvneng S5 Rs. 2,99,999
Lvneng X1 Rs. 2,60,000

NIU (NIU Technologies) is an EV brand based in China that was founded in 2014. The company currently designs, manufactures and sells high-performance smart e-scooters. It also exports them to over 38 countries across the globe. Eco Infinity Pvt. Ltd. is the sole importer and distributor of NIU in the Nepalese market. Below is the latest list of NIU scooter price in Nepal.

NIU Gova 03 Rs. 2,77,000
NIU Gova 05 Rs. 3,45,000
NIU MQi+ Rs. 2,76,000
NIU MQiGT Rs. 4,35,000
NIU M-series (Discontinued)Rs. 2,19,000
NIU NQi GT Rs. 4,45,000
NIU N-series (Matte)Rs. 3,48,000
NIU N-series (Glossy)Rs. 3,40,000
NIU UQiGT Rs. 2,76,000
NIU UQim Rs. 1,45,000
NIU U-series Rs. 1,85,000


Okinawa Dual Rs. 2,25,000
Okinawa i-Praise+ Rs. 3,75,000
Okinawa Lite Rs. 1,95,000
Okinawa Okhi 90 Rs. 4,00,000
Okinawa Praise Pro Rs. 2,95,000
Okinawa R30 Rs. 1,85,000
Okinawa Ridge+ Rs. 2,50,000


Ola S1 (Expected)Rs. 3,75,000

Pure EV is India's electric brand that was established in 2015. The company currently manufacture electric two-wheelers and lithium-ion batteries. White Lotus Group Nepal is the sole importer and distributor of Pure EV products in the Nepalese market. Here is the update and latest Pure EV electric scooter price in Nepal.

Pure EV ePluto 7G Rs. 2,75,000
Pure EV Etrance Neo Rs. 2,60,000
Pure EV Etrance Plus (Out of Stock)Rs. 1,99,999

Find the latest Raymotoss electric scooter price in Nepal below:

Raymotoss Rayo X1 Rs. 2,39,359
Raymotoss Rider R1 Rs. 2,34,308

Segway-Ninebot is a global enterprise in the field of intelligent short-distance transportation and service robots.

Segway E100 Rs. 2,91,000
Segway E110 Rs. 3,65,000
Segway E125 Rs. 3,90,000
Segway N100 Rs. 2,60,000

Super Soco is an electric two-wheeler company, established in 2015. It is also the No.1 electric brand in Australia and UK. In Nepal, D-Lifestyle is the sole importer and distributor of Super Soco products. Below you will find the latest Super Soco price in Nepal.

Super Soco CPx (Double Battery)Rs. 6,09,900
Super Soco CPx (Single Battery)Rs. 4,89,900
Super Soco CU Mini Rs. 1,89,900
Super Soco CUx (Luxury colors)Rs. 2,79,900
Super Soco CUx (Standard colors)Rs. 2,69,900

Suzuki is a well-known Japanese brand around the world, which started its journey in the year 1909. This company was established with the primary purpose of producing automobiles, motorbikes, ATVs, and marine engines. At the moment, they are operating in 192 countries. V.G. (Vishal Group) Automobiles is the importer and distributor of Suzuki two-wheelers in the Nepalese market. The current Suzuki price in Nepal can be found below.

Suzuki Access 125 (BS6)Rs. 2,65,900
Suzuki Avenis 125 Rs. 2,99,900
Suzuki Burgman (BS6)Rs. 2,97,900

TAILG is a Chinese two-wheeler company, established back in 2004. It manufactures electric bikes, scooters, tricycles and other products. YOMAMA E. Motors Pvt. Ltd. is the sole importer and distributor of TailG in the Nepalese market. Check the latest TailG electric scooter price in Nepal below

TAILG Leopard Rs. 2,10,000
TAILG Lion Rs. 3,10,000
TAILG Tiger Rs. 2,17,000

TVS Motor Company Limited is the third largest two-wheelers manufacturer in India, founded in 1979. It currently manufactures a wide range of motorcycles and has become one of the trusted brands, because of its quality product. The same thing goes for Nepal as well. Jagdamba Motors is the sole distributor of TVS in the Nepalese market. In the table below you will get the latest and updated TVS price in Nepal.

TVS Dazz (Standard - Discontinued)Rs. 1,99,900
TVS iQube Rs. 4,29,000
TVS Jupiter Classic Rs. 2,11,900
TVS Ntorq (Race XP)Rs. 3,20,900
TVS Ntorq (Disc)Rs. 2,71,900
TVS Ntorq (RTFI-BS6)Rs. 3,05,900
TVS Ntorq (Race Edition)Rs. 2,79,900
TVS Ntorq (Super Squad)Rs. 2,84,900
TVS Ntorq (Drum)Rs. 2,35,900
TVS Wego (Standard - Discontinued)Rs. 2,07,900
TVS Wego (FI)Rs. 2,26,900
TVS XL 100 (i-Touch)Rs. 1,38,900
TVS XL 100 (Kick Start)Rs. 1,15,900
TVS Zest (Standard - Discontinued)Rs. 1,78,900

Vespa is an Italian scooter manufacturer, established in 1946. Their products are popular among many countries around the globe. MV Dugar Group import and distribute Vespa scooters in the Nepalese market. Below is the latest list of Vespa scooter price in Nepal.

Vespa Elegante Rs. 4,44,446
Vespa LX Rs. 3,01,946
Vespa Notte Rs. 3,01,946
Vespa SXL (150cc)Rs. 4,22,446
Vespa SXL (125cc)Rs. 3,49,946
Vespa SXL Matte (150cc)Rs. 4,24,446
Vespa SXL Matte (125cc)Rs. 3,51,946
Vespa VXL (125cc)Rs. 3,35,946
Vespa VXL (150cc)Rs. 4,06,946

Yadea is one of the largest two-wheel electric vehicle producers in the world taking the leading role in the E-vehicle industry. It produces electric-powered motorcycles, bicycles and scooters. As for Nepal, Kuzu Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is the authorized distributor of Yadea. Here is the latest and updated Yadea electric scooter price in Nepal.

Yadea C1S Rs. 3,70,000
Yadea G5 Rs. 3,50,000
Yadea S-Like Rs. 2,55,000

Yamaha Motor Company Limited was founded in Japan in 1955. They have a significant global market share in two-wheelers production. Moreover, the Nepalese market has been rewarded with high-quality Yamaha models since 1975. Their motorcycles and scooters are imported and distributed in the Nepalese market by MAW Enterprise. Here is a list of the most recent and updated Yamaha price in Nepal.

Yamaha Fascino 113 Rs. 2,18,900
Yamaha Fascino 125 FI BS6 Rs. 2,79,900
Yamaha NMAX 155 Rs. 4,69,900
Yamaha Ray Z 113 Rs. 2,19,900
Yamaha Ray ZR 125 FI (Drum)Rs. 2,74,900
Yamaha Ray ZR 125 FI (Disc)Rs. 2,89,900
Yamaha Ray ZR Street Rally 113 Rs. 2,20,900
Yamaha Ray ZR Street Rally 125 FI BS6 Rs. 2,99,900
Yamaha Ray ZR Street Rally 125 FI BS6 (Hybrid)Rs. 3,14,900
Yamaha TMax 560 Rs. 34,99,000

Zongshen is a Chinese two-wheeler brand founded by Zuo Zongshen in 1982. Their first motorcycle was launched in 1996. Moreover, Zongshen products are now available in multiple countries of the globe, including the United Kingdom, Belarus, Spain, Argentina, Turkey, the Philippines, Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, and Colombia. In terms of Nepal, Reezon Motors Business is the official importer and distributor of Zongshen. The current Zongshen price in Nepal is provided below.

Zongshen ZT6 Rs. 2,39,000