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Yatri Motorcycle Surprisingly Revealed Project ONE ‘P1’

Yatri Motorcycle revealed The Project One motorcycle sharing some images and a short clip on their official Instagram account. The most anticipated Project Zero (P0) is still left to be launched, however, Yatri did not leave to surprise us with ‘P1’ without any prior information.  

According to the company, P1 is a dual-sport motorcycle built with the main goal to reinvent the urban mobility landscape. 


Yatri Project ONE Right side view

They stated that it was built for the roads of Nepal and further believed to be accessible to more and more people. Looking at a short clip and images of P1 on Instagram, it looks like a lightweight bike with great suspension.

The design looks somehow familiar and somehow different from its elder sibling, P0. However, the company did not reveal the specifications and price of P1 and planned to reveal them soon as well. 

Yatri Project ONE back view

Yatri Motorcycles utilized the difficult year 2020 as a big advantage to work hard and develop Project ONE.

Their hard work is paying off as they are getting good responses about P1 on their Instagram account. This can be a good signal to P1 and overall Yatri Motorcycles as the launch of the most anticipated first Nepalese e-bike, Project ZERO is soon on April 23.