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Sunra Electric Scooters Launching Soon in Nepal

Sunra Electric Scooters is all set to launch in the Nepalese market by February 2023. Italia Motorworks Pvt. Ltd, the authorized distributor for Sunra in Nepal will introduce two different models: Robo-S and Hawk. They provide excellent performance with a combination of smart technology, features, and strong power. 


Sunra Robo-s combines a sporty style with elegance and technology including a full LED lighting system, USB charge point, and a handy app to monitor the scooter. It will be available in two colors – Black and White. Similarly, Sunra Hawk also gets sporty styling which is equipped with a comfortable plush padded seat. 


The Robo-S gets a 3000W motor that provides a maximum speed of 85 km/h. It has an estimated range of 135 km with a dual 72V, 20Ah lithium-ion battery. The charging time period of this power unit is 4 hours. As for Sunra Hawk, it comes with a 1800W motor that can help the scooter to reach a top speed of 45 km/h. There is the same 72V 20Ah battery which also takes 4 hours to get fully charged. It can provide an estimated range of 65 km and 130 km in single battery and dual battery respectively depending upon variants.


Moving towards exterior dimensions, Sunra Robo-s measures a length of 1750 mm, a width of 740 mm, and a height of 1150 mm. Likewise, the Hawk is 1900 mm in length, 730 mm in width, and 1110 mm in height.  


Both Sunra models have 12-inch alloy wheels and tubeless tyres. For the braking system, Robo-S gets disc brakes on both the front and rear parts. However, you will find the disc upfront and rear drum brake configuration in Sundra Hawk. 



Sunra Robo-S and Hawk get lots of features such as ride modes, cruise control, anti-theft alarm, reverse function, USB charging, fully digital instrument console, Bluetooth connectivity, battery Management System (BMS), and more. Interestingly, there is also a fingerprint start in the Robo-s model which allows you to start the scooter without a key.

Prices and Variants

The price of Sunra Hawk in Nepal is set at Rs. 2,36,000 for a single battery variant and Rs 3,17,000 for the dual battery variant. Likewise, the Sunra Robo-S model will cost Rs 3,79,000.