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Crossfire Reduced Prices of All Models: Booking Opened!

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Crossfire, a manufacturer of off-road motorcycles known for their high performance, cool designs, and tough dirt bikes, has made an exciting announcement. It has significantly reduced the prices of all of their dirt bikes so that more people can afford their high-quality bikes. 

The price of the Crossfire RM 250, HJ 250, and Tracker 250 models, which have been around for a long time, has been significantly reduced. This gives bike enthusiasts the chance to buy these great rides at an unusual price.

The Crossfire RM 250, originally priced at Rs. 8,88,000, will now be offered at a reduced price of Rs. 8,43,000. This high-powered performer is known for its constant speed, razor-sharp handling, and striking design. 

Likewise, the Crossfire HJ 250 price has been reduced. This TrailBlazer used to cost Rs. 7,70,000, but now you can get it for the shockingly low price of Rs. 6,99,000. It is a cutting-edge motorcycle with new features and a design that lets it go anywhere.

Last but not least, the price of the Crossfire Tracker 250 has changed in an exciting way. This off-road beast was once priced at Rs. 4,10,000. It can now be bought for Rs. 3,70,000, making it a more affordable Crossfire model than before. 

Along with the new prices, Crossfire has exciting plans to launch a number of new promotions that will make owning a bike a better experience for every rider. The company wants to change the way customers use their services by putting an emphasis on easy access and interactions with no friction. Crossfire also reassured the buyers that they wouldn't change the high quality or cutting-edge features of their bikes with these price cuts. 

Furthermore, bookings for all Crossfire models have already opened as of June 5, 2023. You can reach Classic Wheels Export & Import Pvt. Ltd. at 01-4016070 or send an email to for more information.

You can find a Crossfire showroom near you, whether you live in the Kathmandu Valley or another city. Below is the contact information for all Crossfire showrooms across Nepal:

Maharajgunj, kathmandu - 01-4016062/01-4016070

Ekantakuna, kathmandu - 01-542460/9861943436

Kalikanagar, Butwal - 071-437988/9804454792

Dharan - 9815399290

Tripureshwor - 01-5909337/9861329877

Pokhara-061- 533709/9846325865

Baglung - 9857644440

Nepalgunj - 081551335

Dang - 9847849800

Dhangadhi - 9858424931