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Bajaj Announces Price Hike for Selected Models in Nepal

Bajaj bike price in Nepal

Bajaj, one of the popular two-wheeler brands in the country, has recently increased the prices of some selected models. Hansraj Hulaschand and Co. Pvt. Ltd, the authorized distributor of Bajaj in Nepal have announced another round of price increment. Four models of Bajaj, including the latest Pulsar N Series and Dominar Bs6 Series, are hiked. With the newest price update, these models are now available after almost an increase of Rs. 5000 - Rs. 10,000 over the previous price. 

Starting with the Dominar BS6 400, there has been a hike of Rs. 10,000 on the previous price tag, Rs. 6,44,900. This most expensive bike from Bajaj will now cost you Rs. 6,54,900. 

 Another model of Dominar, BS6 250 which is the same as the design of BS6 400 will now cost Rs.5,94,900 after lifting the price from Rs 5000 which was available in showrooms previously at Rs. 5,89,900.

As per the pricing in another latest model of Bajaj, the Pulsar N series consist of two variants N160 and N250 which are now more expensive at Rs. 5000 than previous prices. These models have current price tags of Rs. 3,83,900 and Rs. 4,94,900 respectively. The earlier prices were Rs 3,78,900 and Rs 4,89,900 in the same order as first mentioned.

Model  New Price  Old price
Dominar 400 BS6  Rs. 6,54,900   Rs. 6,44,900 
Dominar BS6 250  Rs. 5,94,900  Rs. 5,89,900 
Pulsar N250  Rs. 4,94,900  Rs. 4,89,900 
Pulsar N160  Rs. 3,83,900  Rs. 3,78,900