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Suzuki Scooter Price in Nepal (March 2023 UPDATED)

In this article, you will find the updated list of Suzuki scooter price in Nepal along with the key features, specs, and availability of each model.

Suzuki Nepal: Brand Overview

Suzuki is one of the most popular two-wheelers brands not only in Nepal but around the globe. It is best known for its reliability and innovation in the products they sell.

The Japanese brand first entered the two-wheeler field in June 1952. 

V.G. Automobile is the official importer and distributor of Suzuki scooters all over the country. Until now, the company is responsible for importing and selling Suzuki bikes and scooters all over Nepal.

Suzuki Scooter in Nepal

The popularity of scooters is also increasing day by day with the increase in their variations. Their lighter weight, greater versatility, and lower price are some of the significant factors that have led to lifting the current status of the scooters.

In this competitive market, Suzuki is also one of the popular brands that provides one of the best scooters in the Nepali market.

The Suzuki scooter price in Nepal starts at Rs. 2,65,900 for the most affordable model, Access 125. And it goes up to Rs. 2,99,900 for the most expensive model, Avenis 125.

Suzuki offers three distinct scooter models, and this article aims to provide a quick overview of each model in Nepal. It will provide a brief introduction, key features, technical specifications, and current prices for each of these scooters below:

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