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All-new One Electric Kridn is now available in Nepal. 

White Lotus Group, the authorized distributor of One Electric bike has recently launched this bike in the Nepalese market.

As for the cost, the One Electric Kridn price in Nepal is Rs. 3,50,000.

This electric motorcycle ensures better riding on tough road conditions, functionality, and also durability. Furthermore, it is designed to fulfill the electric drivetrain requirements. 

With that said, let's get into a detailed overview of the latest One Electric Kridn along with its key features and specifications.

One Electric Kridn Overview

One Electric Kridn is a brand-new electric bike with impressive speed and range. It also has a higher peak power, as well as a better battery capacity and motor.


One Electric Kridn is a commuting-style bike. It gets a retro and vintage appearance with a round halogen headlamp. This bike has a wider handlebar for better handling and riding.

In addition, it comes with a teardrop-shaped fuel tank with a premium logo of one electric on both sides. This motorcycle features LED taillamps and DRLs.