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Motorhead Tekken R250 is now more expensive in Nepal. SLR Techno and Trade Pvt. Ltd, the sole authorized distributor for Motorhead revealed new pricing for this bike.

As for the latest cost, Motorhead Tekken R250 in Nepal is Rs. 4,75,000

Tekken R250 is one of the most popular Motorhead motorcycles. It was launched in the Nepalese market last year.

Now, let's take a closer look at the Tekken R250 along with its features, specs, and availability.

Motorhead Tekken R250 Overview

Motorhead Tekken R250 is a dual-purpose dirt bike from a Chinese manufacturer. Moreover, it is a redesigned version of the Tekken 250 model.


The styling of Motorhead Tekken R250 looks sharp giving it a muscular build. The design is little updated compared to the standard model. It now has sturdier chassis, an inbuilt engine leg guard, and stunning graphics.