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Crossfire HJ 250 has received new updates in Nepal. It is now available in 2 different variants: CRC Enhanced Edition and Supermoto Limited Edition.

Classic Wheels Export and Import, the sole distributor of Crossfire motorcycles in Nepal has announced new enhancements on HJ 250 and Tracker 250

All of the updates have made the HJ250 Rs. 10,000 more expensive than previous. Talking of the latest cost, HJ 250 price in Nepal is Rs. 7,80,000.

Recently, this bike also got massive price hike of Rs. 1 Lakh after the latest government tax policies on motorcycles over 200cc.

With that said, let's find out the what are the new updates of all-new Crossfire HJ 250 followed by features, specs, and availability.

Crossfire HJ 250 Overview

Crossfire HJ 250 is one of the most popular dirt bikes in the Nepalese market. Nicknamed “The TrailBlazer”, the company claims that this motorcycle was designed for the Nepalese street and trails.